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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

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In Loving Memory

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Thank you God for the companion we called Dakota.
He carried me willingly and proudly refusing only when his judgement was better than my own.
Many times his sense of direction proved truer and more reliable.
He kept me safe and my only regret is I could not in the end do the same for him.
I will love him always and remember him forever and if dear Lord,
someday you let me see him again, I will indeed have made it to Heaven.
Eric Curfman

Below are pics of Dakota through the years:

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1996 Middle Mountain, WV



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Always up for the challenge, Hocking Hills, Ohio



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Middle Mountain, WV



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Middle Mountain WV, with his best bud, Painter

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Didn't take much to keep him tied....he later ate the evidence!!



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Middle Mountain, WV

Dakota at home, he never hardly took a bad picture!

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And he never let anyone wear a fly mask!!!!