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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

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Hello!!!:) We are Cante Winds Farm. We currently do not show to much except for the young ones.
We got more into the breeding part of it and producing some nice babies. Below are some of our
mares and outside stallions we've used. Enjoy....

ASHA: American Saddlebred
IW: Iberian Warmblood (Half-Andalusian)
IALHA: Andalusian

Willow SSFF


Willoow1.jpg (28640 bytes)  Willow-1.jpg (34019 bytes) 

Willow, in partnership with Jan Miller is one of the newest editions, a beautiful 16'1 hand Friesian mare, she is by
Rinste 386, and out of Wynona by Ludse 305

w6.jpg (498327 bytes) 

Shown at the 2013 Friesian World show, Willow did very well placing in the Top 5 in just about all her classes!! Was also put in the Stud Books at her Keuring, her marks were very very nice!!!

Being bred to Monte   378 Sport for 2015




Fineza de Carousel

PRE Andalusian

     IMG_3186.JPG (1698926 bytes)    IMG_3184.JPG (1096084 bytes)  IMG_3188.JPG (1434158 bytes)

She is by Buhonero 1 ((Encantado IX  x Gala VII) and out of T'ea Dora (Teodoro x  BW Melosa )
Sadly I am not able to get her Inscribed or Revised due to the stallion owners lack of cooperation....

Not bred for 2015


C+C Nikita Dawn
American Saddlebred

nikita&baby1+201.jpg (32318 bytes)  nikita1+201.jpg (15280 bytes)

Unfortunately I cannot get her registered, but she has made an awesome cross with the Andalusian. She is American Saddlebred.
She registered however with the Pinto Association and the (now closed) Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association.
"Nikita" is a Ribbon/Champion/Best Movement producer of half-Andalusians.

Nikita is the dam of:
Iberian Warmbloods:

Bein Marcada CWF
La Bonita CWF
Destina de la Plata CWF
La Condesa CWF
Silver Solano
Izadora de Donadio CWF
Nola Dawn CWF (Am.Saddlebred)
Alexa de Xavior CWF (half-Friesian)

Bred to Donadio H for 2015

Miss American Spy
American Saddlebred

Missy2000CH1.jpg (329617 bytes)    Missy2000CH2.jpg (514674 bytes)   Missy2201.jpg (203113 bytes)

Missy is an awesome ride. She is a 5-gaited ex-show horse. Wow is she not only fast in her gait but will turn heads on the trail!  Missy's lines go
back to some of the best: CH Valley View Supreme, CH Dream Waltz, CH Moore's Miss America, CH Maplewood's Jackie, CH Kilarney's Janie...need I say more??

American Spirit x Cracker Jackie

Missy is the dam to:
Little Miss Firecracker (ASHA)
Bailarina Espanola CWF (IW)

Not bred



American Saddlebred


Kiva2.jpg (46612 bytes)  Kiva3.jpg (40699 bytes)

by Candid Caper. Her dams side includes some of the greatest such as Stonewall's Main Event, Gallant Guy O'Goshen, Superior Odds....

Kiva was hurt at a few months old in the back leg so she didn't get to be the show horse her original owners had wanted her to be,
but with her awesome movement and pedigree she is sure to pass it on..

Kiva is the dam of:
Donaire CWF (IW)
Wild Gypsy Winds CWF (ASHA)

Not Bred


Lady's Cheyenne Geym

Chey3 502.JPG (47123 bytes)
Chey1 502.JPG (47211 bytes) Chey2 502.JPG (41538 bytes)

I have no real plans of breeding this mare at the moment, she is my riding horse and what a wonderful ride.
She is 4 gaited, walk, trot, canter and a very smooth running walk!
She is out of Lady and by the well shown Arab, Lt Desert Geym+ (Geym of Thoraff x Nisraffa). Her lines on the Arab side go back to the famous Fadjur lines.
Cheyenne is registered with the IAHA &PHBA.


Dezarae Winds CWF
American Saddlebred

   Dez4.JPG (50752 bytes)  Dez2.JPG (26350 bytes)

Dez is another pure American Saddlebred, but the registry will only register her Half-Saddlbred, but her papers recognize her as a full Saddlebred.
She has a great pedigree, she is by Spring's Views Spirit by Thunder Island, sire being out of Shambles Proud Lady.
Her dam is Hide-A-Way's Royal Flush (never blood typed, but registered) out of T.S. Wild Bourbon and out of Bobby's Show Girl.

Dez is the dam of:
Wild Spirit (ASHA)
Patty's Little Shamrock (ASHA)
Atlas (ASHA)
Shakira CWF (IW)

Not bred

Esoteric'c Sun Goddess
American Saddlebred

sunny1-799.jpg (38561 bytes)

Deceased 2-26-2011
Sunny produced some wonderful babies in her lifetime!!

by Glenknoll's Moregold (passed in 2004). She had the lines of Robert E. Sea, Wing Commander, Stonewall King......
Sunny is the dam of:
Glenknoll's Starlit Gold CWF (ASHA)
Diamond Rio CWF (ASHA)
Irish Rose Dust CWF (ASHA)
Mystic Ace CWF (ASHA)
Black Onyx CWF (IW)
Esoteric's Unrivaled Champagne CWF (ASHA)
Zagato CWF (IW)
Donadio's Mystical Aire CWF (IW)
Elegant Surprise CWF (ASHA)

Untold Story
American Saddlebred

Tory1 502.JPG (64445 bytes)

Deceased 7-11-2010

by Candid Caper. She had some of the greats as The Silver Lining by Yorktown, G.T. Fancy Spirit by Surpreme Spirit, High Rise Spirit, Chief Of Greystone......

Tory is the dam of:
Velvet Caper CWF (ASHA)
Captivating Spirit CWF (ASHA)
Tiara CWF (IW)
Aria Winds CWF (IW)
Epic Story CWF (ASHA)
Chicala CWF (ASHA)



lady.jpg (102144 bytes)

Deceased 11-21-2010

An unregistered Tenn. Walker. Outcrosses great with other breeds. I have a beautiful palomino half-Arab by her. She is the dam to El Silver Caliente CWF that won many awards and was the Champion of his class at 3 months old at the ERAHS. In 2002 she had a beautiful buckskin filly, Savannah Del Sol CWF by Donadio H. who also placed well and scored great at the ERAHS in 2002.

Lady is the dam of:
Lady's Cheyenne Geym (Half-Arab)
El Silver Caliente CWF (IW)
Savannah Del Sol CWF (IW)
Silver Sage CWF (IW)

Lady was one awesome producer and a wonderful momma.....may she live on through her wonderful offspring....


Mayan Treasyre
American Saddlebred

 IMG_3148.JPG (1087598 bytes)

Out of Black Spring (Sovran's Impresario) by Unrivaled Valor CWF


Mariahs Macaria

Cira1.jpg (2181575 bytes)    Cira Rearing1.jpg (2558634 bytes)  Cira Head2.jpg (1791466 bytes)

Beautiful bay mare Engracia De Teodoro x Macario Teodoro

Bred to Xavior for 2015, confirmed in foal


Princess Romona

Princess4_7-04.jpg (40407 bytes)

Awesome mare!!! Dam to our stallion Xavior.....she has very old lines of Laes (Vinola x Kasper) her dam is Xenoclea (Nandaa x Daen)

Being bred to Monte   378 Sport for 2015



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