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                                     Breeding for today, for the friendship of a lifetime......

Donadio H Xavior Azahar MSM Unrivaled Valor CWF Equine Sports Massage & Adjusting Dakota 1988-2007 Horse's For Sale Our Mare's and Others They've Moved On





These are some of our beautiful horses that have moved on to new homes


Alexa de Xavior  CWF
Friesian/American Saddlebred filly


Lexi1.jpg (1282953 bytes)


Toronado CWF

Andalusian/Quarter Horse (Azteca) gelding



Toro 16 6-12.jpg (2040937 bytes) Toro 2  6-12.jpg (1893246 bytes)

In Ohio



Chicala   CWF
American Saddlebred

Chico1.jpg (717889 bytes)  Chico6.jpg (400934 bytes)




Elegant Surprise CWF
American Saddlebred filly

      DSC00019.JPG (44746 bytes)




Esoteric's Unrivaled Champagne CWF
American Saddlebred


IMG_0020b.jpg (68959 bytes)


Epic Story CWF
American Saddlebred

Epic2 6-08.jpg (866281 bytes)  

  This girl is now sadly deceased from an accident.

Shakira CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred

Mystic,Shakira,Donadio 038.jpg (9348 bytes)  Mystic,Shakira,Donadio 039.jpg (11297 bytes)

Congatulations Melba in Peurto Rico on Shakira and Mystic!!

Donadio's Mystical Aire
Andalusian/American Saddlebred

Baby1.JPG (47775 bytes) Mystic Mix2 9-07.jpg (33525 bytes)



Zagato CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred
Classic Champagne Colt

Zagato1 06.JPG (64952 bytes)

Zagato1 1-08.jpg (1067765 bytes)




Izadora de Donadio CWF

    Izzy1 8-06.jpg (42843 bytes)   Izzy2 8-06.jpg (55808 bytes)
2yrs old and 16hh!!!!


by Donadio x C+C Nikita Dawn

Congradulations Julie of Maryland on this awesome purchase of this girl!!!

Izzy7_7-05.jpg (33323 bytes)
about 7 months old


Atlas was NDN Chief CWF
American Saddlebred

Chief1_8-04.jpg (38516 bytes)  Chief5_8-04.jpg (35709 bytes)

By Unrivaled Valor CWF x Dezarae
Congratulations to Nicole of Louisiana on the purchase of this awesome and very sweet colt.



Tiara CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred
Untold Story x Donadio H

Tiara1_12-04video.jpg (35060 bytes)

Aria Winds CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred
Untold Story x Donadio H

Gitana2_8-04.jpg (40747 bytes)  Gitana8_8-04.jpg (27611 bytes)

Wild Gypsy Winds CWF
American Saddlebred
Kiva x Unrivaled Valor CWF

Gypsy_6-05.jpg (45795 bytes)  Gypsy_high_trot1.jpg (19969 bytes)  Gypsy_high_trot2.jpg (13790 bytes)

Congradulations to Robert and Ellen of Alabama on these 3 wonderful girls!!!!




La Condesa CWF

Condesa.jpg (67161 bytes)

Residing in MD with Judy. Condesa was shown at the ERAHS, Virginia in 2003 placing 2nd in Best Movement (out of 9).
Recieved 3rd in her Halter class with getting 8.5 on walk and 7.5 on trot and getting excellent conformation marks!! She is out of C+C Nikita Dawn x Bolivar H.


Donaire CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred

Donaire1 6-04.jpg (50459 bytes)

Congratulations Becky in Wisconsin on her purchase of this wonderful and beautiful moving filly!
Donaire is by Donadio H out of Kiva.

Donaire_head_shot_11-06.jpg (38813 bytes)          


Silver Sage CWF

Sage1 8-04.jpg (38352 bytes)


Congratulations to Cheryl on the purchase of one awesome gal! She is now in GA.
Filly. Will grey. She is out of our Tenn.Walker mare, Lady, a previous Champion and Ribbon winning producer of half-Andalusians. Her sire is our Andalusian, Donadio H.
And yes this gal is as ornery as she looks!!  But what a sweetheart!!
 Her daddy has sure stamped his looks on this gal!

Sage2LoResG1.JPG (47185 bytes) Sage's Head2LoRes7.JPG (41422 bytes)


Black Onyx CWF
Andalusian/American Saddlebred

   Onyx3show.JPG (41188 bytes)

Now in FL, owned by Jody Campbell, who also owns Bien Macarda CWF. Onyx is by Donadio H and out of Esoteric's Sun Goddess.
Shown at the 2003 ERAHS, Virginia: Champion and Gold Medal Movement Award in Halter. Placing 4th in Best Movement (out 0f 9).
Excellent conformation marks (all were excellent but 2 marks and they were next to excellent). Recieved 8's on his Walk & Trot.


Diamond Rio CWF  
American Saddlebred

Rio.bmp (1684734 bytes)  Rio_2002.JPG (50783 bytes) 


2002 & 2003 West Virginia 5-gaited Junior Horse State Champion!!
"Rio" is by Tobruk's Encore and out of Esoteric's Sun Goddess. He is now owned by Mary Ann Bentley  in Tenn.


Savannah Del Sol CWF

Sav9.jpg (257159 bytes)

Savannah is owned by Jose C. here in West Virginia. She was shown at 6 months old placing in her Halter and Best Movement classes and getting some very nice marks also!! 
Savannah is by our stallion Donadio H and out of our mare Lady.  

Destina de la Plata CWF

     canterdestjune05DS.JPG (21753 bytes)  dest05julybDS.JPG (28154 bytes)  destjuly05wDS.JPG (30599 bytes)

                   baby1 201.jpg (36652 bytes) Baby Destina

Destina is now with her new owner, Margaret in New York. Destina will go on with Margaret to be her new dressage horse, we wish her all the luck. I showed Destina with her doing very well, winning Reserve Champion and getting the Gold Medal Movement Award in the Half-Andalusian. Destina is out of our pinto Saddlebred mare who has produced other Champions, C+C Nikita Dawn and and by the Champion stallion Silver Solamente.


Mystic Ace CWF
American Saddlebred

ace1.JPG (37866 bytes)  ace2.JPG (40753 bytes)

Ace is now in New Hampshire owned by Roberta Stone. He is a full brother to Diamond Rio and Irish Rose Dust. His owner says he now has a neck that reaches the sky!! Roberta also stands Ace at stud.
Ace is by Tobruk's Encore and out of Esoteric's Sun Goddess.


Irish Rose Dust CWF
American Saddlebred

dusty1_302.JPG (57096 bytes)

"Dusty" is a full brother to "Rio" and "Ace". He has remained in West Virginia and be more a pleasure horse for his new owner, but says oh how he'll shine on the trails!!!
Dusty is by Tobruk's Encore and out of Esoteric's Sun Goddess

  dusty1 700.JPG (85141 bytes) Baby Dusty

Glenknoll's Starlit Gold CWF
American Saddlebred

Glenknolls_Starlit_Gold_CWF.jpg (48796 bytes)

She is out of our mare Esoteric's Sun Goddess


    La Bonita CWF

Bonita is now in Connecticut and getting the royal princess treatment, as she deserves!   Her sire is Silver Solamente and her dam C+C Nikita Dawn. This girl won several ribbons while I showed her in Halter and Best Movement. Taking 5th out of 11 in Best Movement(1999). Plus placing in local shows.

Bonita jumping.jpg (50202 bytes)

Baby Bonita: s1018728204_30283804_4487.jpg (5899 bytes)



El Silver Caliente CWF

 Caliente1.JPG (48197 bytes)  Caliente2.jpg (48610 bytes)


He is owned by Lori Glazier, PA.
He is out of our Tenn. Walker mare, Lady, and by the Andalusian, Silver Solamente.
Very talented guy!! Won Gold Medal Movement Award, 1st place and Champion of his Halter class(1999). Then placed 3rd in Best Movement out of 11. All at 3 months old!!!
Caliente is sadly deceased...
caliente5-699.jpg (96232 bytes) baby Caliente


Bien Marcada CWF

Bien1 2003.JPG (50894 bytes)  Bien2 2003.JPG (45934 bytes)  Bien3 2003.JPG (31927 bytes)  Bien6 2003.JPG (42185 bytes)

At age 5 with her owner in Florida taken 11/03
Bien was one of our favorites. Did very in the shows. Took 2nd and Reserve Champion in 1998. In 1999  she done very well in Halter taking 2nd but getting the Gold Medal Movement Award and then in the Best Movement class taking it all,1st place out of 11. She was also shown in local shows placing also. She now resides in Ocala, FL.
She is by our mare C+C Nikita Dawn and out of the Andalusian Silver Solamente. She is now in Florida.
bien1.JPG (60729 bytes) baby Bien, wow has she changed!!


Wild Spirit
American Saddlebred

free1 1201.JPG (56730 bytes)

This saddlebred is now in Pennsylvania and in training. Good luck Judy.  This guy is out of our mare Dezarae and by O'rouke ESF.


Patty's Little Shamrock
American Saddlebred

Rock1 10-04.jpg (64695 bytes)

"Rock" stayed in the family so we will get to see him grow up, he is a full brother to Wild Spirit, out of Dezarae and by O'rouke ESF.


Velvet Caper CWF
American Saddlebred

Vel1_502.JPG (46803 bytes)

Velvet is now in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at SafePoint Farms. Velvet's sire is Tobruk's Encore and dam being Untold Story.

vel1-900.JPG (101462 bytes) baby Velvet



Captivating Spirit CWF
American Saddlebred
Rocking Horse 7-26-07 141.jpg (632990 bytes)

Spirit is now in MA Jill White of Wenham Stables
Spirit is by Tobruk's Encore and out of Untold Story.
They have been showing Spirit this past year and doing very very well...Congradulations!!

Spirit2 901.jpg (48721 bytes) baby Spirit