"Donadio H"

PRE Cria Approved

Andalusian Stallion

PRE Spanish Andalusian stallion, #4649(S) IAIHA, Cria Caballar #EU276

DOB: 4-14-1999

Donadio posses the baroque look of the true Andalusian. He has the sweet nature that these stallions are known for along with the wonderful and great movement.  

Donadio is by the late beautiful jet black stallion Ascension( who in 2009 8th in the USEF leading Andalusian sires!)  by Maestro(black) by Dejado(black) out of Granada K (black). Donadio's dam is Gema TG which she is a dark grey but consistent producer of color, she is by Tribuno by Vinatero V (black). Gema is out of Ferianta III by Poseido V. Between the two it makes Donadio about 60% Cartusian and 40% Military/Escarlera (old Military) I am told that it is hard to find horses in the US with more than about 25% military/Escalera. (Thanks Pat for all your help and info on this!!!)

Donadio was  shown at the ERALHS 2002 show in Lexington, Virginia. Placing in the top 3 in the Andalusian Stallion 3 & 4 yr old, getting scores of almost all 8's!!! One of the Spanish judge's,   D.Angel Gonzales Nino, who recently retired from the Jefatura de Cria Caballar, with whom I got to talk with him that evening on Donadio, made wonderful comments that Donadio had one of the most magnificent shoulders and croup on him and had tons of potential. Due to his fetlock injury he is no longer shown...read on below.

Watch a short You Tube Video of Donadio taken 9-30-2008

Donadio is in the following registries:

International Andlausian and Lustino Horse Assc.   #4649(S)

Cria Caballar of Spain #EU276

Friesian Blood Horse Registry Sactioned Stallion Baroque Category #20080136SS

Donadio is registered also in the following registry's as a Foundation Sire: 
*Iberian Warmblood Registry of America #Ib071   
The Americana SportHorse Registry (now closed) #P-III-043004



Donadio is a  grey but with the black in his pedigree he has produced a range of color including blacks, bay, buckskin, grey and even a champagne (having the first champagne in the Andalusian Registry and the first Iberian in the Champagne Registry!)

I have been most impressed with his offspring. They seem to take the best of both parents with Donadio stamping a nice shoulder ,croup and neck on them along with outstanding movement. All his offspring when shown always placed getting great remarks on conformation and movement.

"Our Story"

I purchased Donadio when he was 8 months old, and has became a treasure to me. His personality, calmness and willingness makes owning this stallion a wonderful experience. Donadio's back fetlock injury in 2003 kept me from really getting him under saddle to his potential.   He is completely sound thanks to my vet and farrier! Of course all that time I spent massaging that foot I'm sure had to help too! ;) ( I am a licensed LMT & ESMT, and certified to do Equine Adjusting). Though sound because of his foot injury he is no longer able to be shown but his offspring have already proven themselves in Halter and Movement classes.
I would like to thank Terri Meador (Herradura Andalusians) and Cheryl Gibson for giving me the opportunity and the trust to own this beautiful and wonderful stallion.

Below are some pictures of me just having fun on Donadio, taken October 2005. He has a beautiful way of going and is allot of fun to ride, he has such power and is so strong he is like no other horse I've ever rode. And yes I have no saddle in these pics!! I didn't really plan to ride him but couldn't resist!!

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