Equine Sports Massage and Adjusting

Serving our equine friends/athletes of all disciplines

Rhonda Curfman ESMT, LMT

certified by Equissage, Inc
& Daneil Kamen, D.C.

Can you answer yes to any of these about your horse?
*refusing or resisting leads
*seem to have head or neck discomfort
*shortened strides
*hind leg scuffing
*hip and shoulder lameness
*girthing problems
*"cold backed"
*loss of performing ability
*tossing head

These are are common muscular and /pr skeletal problems just to name a few. So your horses may be trying to tell you "I need a massage and/or adjustment", not " I'm being stubborn or not wanting to work" as most people seem to think.

How It Works:

The muscle is a band of fibers which stretch and contract. Whenever a muscle if worked there is a chance of "knotting up". It can range form a slight discomfort to a searing pain. These "knots" can cause the entire muscle to spasm and feel tight.
Remember they can't say "Hey, this hurts, I can't do that" so in turn we get what most people call "RESISTANCE". What some people think is being bull headed, stubborn, etc.....could actually be pain, and this is their way of telling you that. It might be in forms like bucking, rearing, pulling, even biting, hollowed back and increased agitation.

Why It Works:
Some tight spots develop and hinder the horse's performance and cause discomfort. Muscle tightening does not remain in an isolated area or state. Elastic properties of the tendon is about 10%. Thus 90% of the elasticity must come from the associated muscles. If one group tightens, the next group of muscles compensates for the loss of elasticity. It may pass along the tightening to the next group and so forth. For instance, tightening in the shoulders may pass to the muscles of the upper arm and eventually to the tendons of the lower leg.
Through doing massage, tightening and adhesions in the muscle are broken up by using different strokes that allow oxygen and blood flow to return to greater capacity. Which relieves the stress.
Massage therapy is best effective if used as a preventative measure before or after competition. By breaking up the tight knots of adhering fibers which restrict full muscle extension, massage can prevent a pull or tear from occurring during exercise.
So what are the benefits to Equine Massage and Skeletal Adjusting for your horse?
*Enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion
*Improves circulation
*Increases range of motion
*Increases flexibility
*Ease muscle tension
*Generally improves the disposition of the horse
*Relieves congestion
*Helps to lessen inflammation in the joints and so alleviates pain
*Relieves muscle spasm
*Relieves tension
*Hastens the elimination of waste and toxic debris
*Increases the number of blood cells
*Reduces resistance
This is just to name a few, it does so so much more. Massage can help achieve your horse's total movement, his total power.
It can help extend your horse's athletic life span.
So give yourself and your horse an extra chance to reach your own personal goal whether it's in the ring or on the trail.
It's a pleasure to give something back when you stop and think of what all they really give to us.

About Myself:
I was trained and certified by Mary Schrieber, founder of Equissage, Inc, who is well known through the US and more. I was certified in 1999. I went to take the chiropractic part in 2001 under Daniel Kamen, D.C. Massage and adjusting in my opinion just go hand in hand....The more flexible and at ease the muscle if the easier the spine is going to go back into place. Where as if a muscle is tight, it can actually pull on the spine and make it difficult to go or stay in place.
I have worked on many horses including my own with great results. Including my Andalusian stallion when he shattered his back fetlock, I worked on it almost everyday, massaging the area broke to bring fresh blood into the area and promote bone growth. When Donadio had to have the plates removed the vet was astounded at the bone growth and had to chisel the plates out!!! Said he never seen a horse go that much bone!! I've seen horses go from not running poles to winning!! From not jumping hardly to winning their division and getting comments from judges on how good they look and what ease they are performing. I've seen a trail horse not able to run up a hill, then massaging all the muscles around the rib cage which was restricting his intake (not being able to expand the rib cage to take in as much air as he could) to being able to run up and not stopping! So it does make a difference!!
I am also a massage therapist for people also. Graduated from Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV in 2001. I specialize in connective tissue work, so I have incorporated allot of that along with the Sports Massage and get great results! It's totally amazing how close we and horses are built alike in muscle, they of course are much larger ;) But if you ever ask the question: "Why would I want to have my horses massaged?" Well go have a massage for yourself and you'll see how much better you feel, can move more freely and even relax, then you'll know why your horse will definitely benefit from one also.
Remember our equine friends are also BIG athletes!! These animals work and play very very hard! They get hurt just like we do....so take care of your friends!!!

Please call for appointment:  call/text me at 304-482-5232
or email with any questions: cantewindsfarm@gmail.com
I do travel to your place of business or you can bring your horse here.

$60 a horse
$35 dogs

Travel Charge will apply